What are the top 10 ways to be distracted while driving?

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In a nutshell...
  • Being distracted on the road puts you and everyone around in danger
  • It’s not a good idea to use your phone while driving
  • Eat your breakfast and drink your coffee before you hit the road

Operating any vehicle means being responsible behind the wheel.

Thousands of car accidents happen every year that could have been avoided by a split second, and while it’s natural to become distracted at times, it is equally important to be aware of what distractions are around.

Distracted driving laws have been recently introduced by many states to help protect the safety of our roads, but even with these laws, it’s common to do things which may not seem like a big deal at the time.

Unfortunately, it takes a car accident for some drivers to realize how important it is to stay focused on the task of driving while avoiding simple functions that can be accomplished without risking the lives of you, your passengers and others.

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#1 – Chit Chatting on the Cell Phone

While there are good reasons to take a call while you’re driving most conversations behind the wheel to involve mundane matters which can wait until you pull over.

Do you want to risk your child’s life because you couldn’t wait to hear about your best friend’s new nail polish color? Try to avoid using a cell phone whenever driving a car.

It will not only make you a safer driver but also provide some peaceful technology-free moments in life which are becoming harder and harder to find.

#2 – Insecurity Check

You put on your best suit or just spent $300 on a haircut to look beautiful however the double check in the mirror before you left was not good enough.

If you feel the need to look in the rearview mirror and comb your hair or put your lipstick on while driving, then it’s probably time to take a look at your life and realize it’s time to slow down a little and enjoy life.

Your hair or lips are not going to look any different if you do it when you stop.

#3 – Little People

If you are driving with children in the car, it’s even more critical to pay attention to the road and not become involved in family disputes while risking safety.

If the kids are acting up or you feel like you need to kick some tires then pull over and settle your issues. Don’t risk personal injury to your children due to your lack of patience.

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#4 – Snack Time

Some people’s cars are also mini-kitchens but can you not find 5 minutes to stop and enjoy a quick meal or drink?

If you can’t, then you are doing something wrong in life and also exposing yourself to risk every day.

We all laugh at stories about some guy who dropped a piece of lettuce and then caused a ten car pileup – sadly, however, stories like this are real and happen every day.

Leave the food for the kitchen or rest stop, not only will your driving skill improve but also your waistline.

#5 – Texting while Driving

The stereotype here is the teenager who continually needs to stay in touch with her BFF even for the 3-minute drive to the store. However, teenage drivers are not just at risk.

Adults and seniors have all embraced the mobile phone and texting and driving is the #1 driver distraction in many age groups.

#6 – People Watching

Men and women are both guilty of people watching while driving. Whether it’s an attractive person, a crazy dressed person or people just doing weird things.

Anything striking our attention is almost an uncontrollable reaction to look but stay focused on the road.

If you look too long, you might not only end up in a car accident but also be rewarded with the title “stalker” on your business card.

#7 – The GPS Lady

Ok, it’s fair to say there is a GPS man also but do you know anyone who has ever changed the default setting on their navigation system?

While it’s commendable the GPS Lady can tell you where to go; she is not a guardian angel to protect you from a car accident.

Always use any navigation device with caution otherwise your next destination might be the emergency room.

#8 – Playing Rock Star in your Car

Even with American Idol auditions in town, there is still never an excuse to play with your radio and CD’s while driving or embarrassing yourself by car dancing.

Hey, when stopped at a red light do whatever you want but when you have your foot on the pedal then relax and focus on the road.

You can always take comfort that nobody in this world is a better singer or dancer than you when you’re in the shower so what is there to prove anyway?

#9 – Movie Time in the Car

Eventually some cars are going to come equipped with popcorn machines, but for now, we merely have to worry about DVD players.

While many states outlaw the use of any DVD player installed in the front seating area some people still don’t believe they can live without a DVD player while commuting to work.

These people need more therapy then we can provide here but leave the TV for home unless you want to watch reruns of NCIS in a hospital bed for months.

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