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AAA Car Insurance Review

Pronounced “triple A,” the well-known AAA name is an abbreviation for “American Automobile Association.” AAA is a nonprofit service organization with an active US membership of more than 51 million motorists. Headquartered in Heathrow, FL, the Association provides various financial and automotive-related services for its members.

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In addition to its popular roadside and travel assistance programs, AAA also offers auto insurance coverage. Consumer reviews consistently rank AAA car insurance policies as among the best in the auto insurance industry and policyholders repeatedly indicate high levels of satisfaction with the company’s quality and customer service.

AAA Car Insurance History

AAA was founded in Chicago, IL, on March 4, 1902. A coalition of nine motor clubs with a collective membership of more than 1,500 motorists combined to form AAA. The idea of auto-navigable highways and roads in the northeastern US was the main motivation for the alliance.

Within 15 years, AAA began large-scale hotel guide and road map distribution and implemented the School Safety Patrol Program to promote driver safety. In 1947 AAA established its Foundation for Traffic Safety as a separate affiliate organization.

AAA assisted in drafting the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 and the 1988 Truck & Bus Safety Regulatory Reform Act. These federal statutes established regulatory safety standards for commercial drivers on US interstates.

In 1996, AAA launched “Teaching Teens to Drive.” The following year, AAA commenced its Licensed to Learn program. These public-awareness campaigns led to the enactment of Graduated Driver Licensing (“GDL”) laws in every US jurisdiction.

In the early 2000s, AAA developed its proprietary Roadside Review computer program. This specialized interactive software helps older motorists identify individualized physiological changes that can diminish safe driving capability. AAA has received numerous Presidential Citation awards for its extensive public interest efforts and legislative activism.

AAA Car Insurance Discounts

AAA Car Insurance makes the prominent claim that members may save up to 5 percent on certain types of auto coverage through AAA Insurance however how much you can save really depends on your entire risk profile. AAA also offers many of the common discounts found throughout the auto insurance industry including Drivers Training Discount, Good Student Discount, Multi-Policy Discounts and more however AAA does also offer some car insurance discounts that are exclusive or extremely rare.

If, for instance, an AAA Car Insurance customer collides with another AAA auto policyholder, up to $250 of any applicable deductible is waived. This is a significant savings if major auto repairs are subsequently required. If the member’s deductible is less than $250, there would be no out-of-pocket repair costs whatsoever.

VIN Etching is another rare discount available through AAA Car Insurance. Statistics show that etching a car’s vehicle identification number (“VIN”) into the windshield and window glass drastically reduces the risk of theft. VIN-etched vehicles are virtually impossible for auto thieves to sell. Due to the much lower chance of the vehicle being stolen, AAA discounts the premiums of members who take advantage of this valuable service.

Accident Assist is another unique AAA benefit for most policyholders with AAA’s internationally-renowned roadside assistance program. This specialized service reduces the headaches associated with major accident claims processing. Immediately following a major accident or collision, policyholders make a single toll-free call where AAA acts immediately to attend to all pertinent details and paperwork. First, Accident Assist staff is immediately dispatched to the scene for preliminary damage assessment and claims initiation. Next, a rental vehicle and towing services are arranged on the spot. If a vehicle is inoperable, the policyholder may have it towed to any repair shop desired. Alternatively, the insured may opt to have it towed to an AAA Immediate Repair service provider. Should the customer select the latter option, auto repairs are commenced without the usual wait for complete claims adjustment. In addition, a lifetime warranty for all workmanship is included at no extra cost.

How much does AAA Car Insurance Cost?

Your AAA Car Insurance rates will depend upon several key factors. Demographic characteristics such as gender, age, residential location, credit rating, and marital status are all collectively used to measure the risk of insuring you, hence how much your auto insurance will cost.Your past driving history is even more significant. If you have a recent history of moving violations or a prior high risk conviction (like a DUI charge) its possible to be quoted very expensive rates or even denied coverage. Even drivers who have experienced a lapse in insurance coverage, had a policy cancelled or filed a number of prior claims could be considered high risk. Most drivers do not have a problem qualifying for affordable auto insurance however its impossible to say how much AAA car insurance will cost without looking at your unique profile. Comparatively speaking however, the cost AAA car insurance is very affordable and millions of policyholders tend to agree.

Auto insurance is a competitive business that changes frequently so its important to always compare auto insurance quotes multiple providers. Premium rates vary widely from one insurer to another and the only way to find the best car insurance rates is to shop around.

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