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Progressive Car Insurance Review

Progressive Car Insurance is available from the Progressive Corporation, a publicly-traded Fortune 500 company based in Ohio. Many consumers are familiar with Progressive’s catchy and innovative ad campaign featuring Flo, the Progressive Insurance lady. Innovation is nothing new to this car insurance company, so let’s look at what products and services Progressive has developed to meet the needs of drivers shopping for car insurance.

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Committed to Innovation

Since Joseph Lewis and Jack Green first opened the Progressive Mutual Insurance Company in 1937, the company’s primary focus has been on car insurance. By the 1960s, it had expanded significantly to become The Progressive Corporation, which continues to be based in Ohio to this day. Progressive is now one of the largest and best known car insurance companies in the country. Over the years, Progressive has dedicated itself to creating cutting-edge products and services for car owners. Progressive claims to have been the first car insurance company to offer such innovations as premium installment payments, drive-in claims service and Immediate Response, a 24/7 claims and follow-up service.

Immediate Response Service

With Immediate Response available since 1990, the customer is able to receive personalized and timely service when reporting a claim at any hour. In addition, Progressive introduced the Immediate Response Vehicle feature in 1994, a fleet of SUVs emblazoned with the company’s blue and white colors and logo. These vehicles provide customers with mobile claims service anywhere it is needed, even at the scene of an accident.

Progressive Online

Progressive was also the first major car insurance company to create a website, which was launched in 1995. By 1997 the site expanded to the point where consumers could compare rates and buy car insurance online. Progressive’s website has continued to expand and add features since then, and is today an informative, user-friendly site that will help you understand the company’s products and features, answer many of your insurance questions, and allow easy online account management.

Progressive Insurance Quote Comparisons

In 1994 Progressive also introduced the first comparison service for car insurance rates. With this service consumers could get a quote from Progressive together with quotes from up to three competitors. The company has received some complaints about inaccurate representation of their competitors’ rates, and has had to backtrack and issue apologies to competitors in Massachusetts, where the service is now unavailable. Some consumer complaints have cropped up elsewhere, and not all insurers allow quotes through competing companies like Progressive. Furthermore, according to some consumer complaints, Progressive’s competitor quotes may not include all personal variables such as driving history or credit score.

When shopping for car insurance quotes, consumers should therefore not rely on Progressive as the only source for accurate quotes for competing car insurance companies. On the other hand, Progressive’s quotes are free and do save the consumer time and hassle by presenting a side-to-side overview of typical quotes — just be sure to double-check Progressive’s figures if possible.

Budget-Friendly Features: Name Your Price and Snapshot

Progressive has a feature that allows you to name a price you are willing to pay for car insurance, and the company then develops a car insurance product tailored to your needs at your stated price. This gives consumers more control over the bottom line without having to work backwards through available coverage options and levels to arrive at a price they can afford.

Another popular discount available to safe and low-volume drivers is Snapshot, an optional program available through Progressive’s website. After enrolling, a Progressive customer receives a small plug-in device to place in the insured car. The Snapshot device tracks amount of mileage, time of day and frequency of sudden stops. With this information, Progressive can identify those who drive more safely, drive less, and drive at safer times of the day; these drivers can receive discounts up to 30% off. Progressive claims that driving data from the Snapshot program is confidential and will not be used to raise car insurance rates on any drivers. However, Alabama residents should note that the website claims that Snapshot data may affect your renewal rates. For all customers, the data is available for tracking on Progressive’s website, and drivers can opt out of Snapshot at any time.

Concierge Claims and Repair Service

One of Progressive’s other innovations is its upscale concierge claims service for repair and replacement of damaged vehicles. For repair service, a customer leaves the damaged vehicle with Progressive, whose employees manage the claims and repair process and deliver the car back to the consumer once repairs are complete. The replacement service assists customers in finding a competitively-priced replacement vehicle and any necessary financing.

Available Features and Products

Progressive car insurance policies include all standard coverages and limit options, and the company offers other insurance products such as home, life, liability, renter’s, commercial auto, boat, motorcycle, RV, and collectible car insurance. Multi-policy discounts are available, as are discounts for young drivers. Progressive also provides up to $1000 pet injury coverage included with collision coverage, as well as custom parts and equipment coverage, and available coverage for drivers with a higher risk profile.

Progressive Car Insurance Industry Ratings

Progressive Car Insurance receives three out of five points from J.D. Power & Associates in all categories including overall satisfaction. A sampling of online customer feedback indicates many satisfied customers, but also a fair number of complaints about the repair process, rates being raised on repeat customers, deceptive quoting practices and other problems. The majority of reviews are positive, however, so J.D. Power’s rating appears accurate.


Given Progressive’s large market share and history of innovative products and services, car insurance shoppers should consider getting a quote from Progressive for comparison with other quotes. Progressive’s prices are generally competitive, especially for new customers and those who can take advantage of available discounts.

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