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In a nutshell...
  • Car insurance carriers offer unique policy lengths
  • The premium you pay will be dependent on how well you compare prices
  • Unique policy characteristics will help meet your specific needs as an insured

The car insurance industry is and should be seen as one that is very customer centric. The customers drive what insurance carriers offer in the marketplace.

When you have a need, and there is no current carrier out there offering you coverage for that desire, chances are someone is working towards developing such an auto policy.

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As a consumer, it is imperative to understand the power that you have. There are so many options for you out there and the more that you shop around, compare what is available, the premiums associated with them, the better off you will be.

If you need car insurance for just three months, it should not be that difficult to find such a policy. All it takes is some effort, research, and knowledge of the products available.

Carriers are Flexible

The biggest thing that you need to be aware of as a consumer is the fact that insurance carriers are flexible by design. They are not out in the industry offering just one product that they expect all of their potential customers to purchase.

Instead, they are offering all different variations of products. Sure, they may fall under the umbrella of auto insurance, but what that means of each of their clients could be different things.

Insurance carriers want to be flexible. They are working for you, the consumer, and are doing so to gain the biggest market share that they can.

When you go to an insurance carrier and ask for something, whether it be a particular length of the policy term, deductible, coverage, etc., they want to try and deliver to you exactly what you want.

The premium is what you are paying for that coverage period, limits, and everything else that goes along with it.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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The Short-Term Policy

A car insurance policy that is going to last just for three months is going to be known as a short-term policy. Most car insurance carriers will have policies that are going to be one-year or six months in length.

Those are the two most common lengths of insurance policies that exist in the market.

There are carriers though that are going to offer what is known as short-term car insurance policies. These are the policies that are going to be much less regarding their length.

The term of a policy is going to dictate the amount of coverage time that you are going to be purchasing.

Say your car insurance policy lasts for a three-month period. That means that the coverage that you have is going to allow you protection for any accidents and such that happen in that three-month window.

Pricing Unique Risks



Car insurance carriers need to have the ability to price different risks. An example of individual risk is going to be a three-month car insurance policy.

A short-term policy needs to be priced accordingly, with a premium that is based on modeling and such that is going to find that perfect balance between what you have to pay for the policy and the amount of coverage that you are going to get in return.

There are plenty of affordable insurance carriers in the industry that specializes in these types of policies. They will work to model, with their actuaries, what premium is going to be best suited for a short-term policy such as this.

They will come up with models so that they can be more competitive in the industry so that they can provide the following:

  • Different coverages
  • Varying deductibles
  • Limits that are going to be very in-line with customer needs

It all comes down to you as a consumer as you start to shop for a car insurance policy. If you are looking for a short-term policy, one that is just three months in length, this is going to be available.

It is all about taking the necessary steps, though, to shop the market. Compare the different premiums that the carriers are offering, the coverages, limits, deductibles, as well as customer service.

Going through this exercise will help you find that ideal policy to get you the coverage you need. Enter your zip code into our free car insurance comparison tool below.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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