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In a nutshell...
  • There are numerous types of automobiles that you can rent for all kinds of events and social gatherings such as wedding receptions
  • To operate these automobiles on U.S. roads, you are required to carry minimum auto insurance requirements
  • Auto insurance providers offer different types of coverage options for vehicles used for special events such as a wedding
  • Usually, when providing auto insurance coverage for a vehicle used for only occasional events such as weddings, insurance providers take into account their low mileage and other factors resulting in cheaper quotes

It doesn’t matter what type of automobile you drive or how often you drive it, if you are going to operate the vehicle on public roads, you have to meet the minimum auto liability requirements.

Auto insurance is compulsory in most U.S. states with New Hampshire and Virginia being the only exceptions.

However, auto insurance requirements in all the other 48 states and District of Columbia vary. For instance, some states require coverages such as uninsured/underinsured motorist protection on top liability coverage, and so on.

Besides insurance, you have to ensure that you have the special licenses or permits required to operate some automobiles. Purchase the mandatory auto insurance coverage to avoid problems with the authorities.

If you are looking to obtain auto insurance coverage for your fleet of wedding cars, you need to make sure that you are getting the best deal before you commit to a provider.

The most effective way of making sure that you are getting the best deal on auto insurance is comparison shopping. Enter your zip code above and compare as many quotes as you can to get the best wedding car insurance quote.

If You Own a Fleet of Cars


Whether you have a whole fleet of vehicles or just one car for weddings and other special occasions, you must ensure that you have the right coverage.

Even if the cars are only driven for few days each year, accidents can still occur.

In most cases, wedding cars are select models, and if an accident were to happen without enough coverage, the financial blow would be monumental.

Wedding cars need a different type of coverage. These vehicles are not driven on a regular basis, and they cannot be insured as typical, daily use vehicles.

Due to their infrequent use, wedding cars also tend to have a lower mileage compared to regular cars.

To get a better deal, compare quotes from as many providers as you can when shopping for auto insurance coverage for your fleet of wedding cars.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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Call for FREE quotes: (833) 308-2004

If You Need to Rent a Car

If you are simply renting a vehicle for a wedding or special occasion, there are multiple options for finding coverage including:

  • Purchasing coverage via the internet
  • Purchasing via an independent auto insurance agent
  • Approaching a provider and purchasing coverage directly from them

When it comes to auto insurance comparison shopping, you are only limited by the number of quotes you are willing to compare. Don’t be lazy.

Here, you will be looking for an auto insurance provider offering the right coverage at a reasonable price.

Specialized Coverage for Wedding Car Insurance

When dealing with wedding cars, auto insurance providers often have a lot of considerations to make. For instance, couples hiring a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles for a convoy during their wedding only get the cars for one day or several hours.

In addition to that, payment is charged on an hourly rate and as a result, the mileage is pretty low.

When providing auto insurance quotes for wedding cars, providers will take into account the above facts and try to offer a reasonable rate.

But they also consider factors such as:

  • peak wedding seasons when the vehicles could be out on the road on almost a daily basis
  • low season, when it’s the exact opposite

Weigh these factors before you settle on which company you want to hire/rent from.

What happens if there’s an accident?

If you rent a wedding car, it will only be in your possession few hours or so, which minimizes the likelihood of getting in an accident. But anyone who has ever had a bad day should know that things tend to go wrong pretty fast.

A car accident can happen in a split second, so having the car just for a ‘couple hours’ doesn’t guarantee safety.

When purchasing coverage, the wedding auto insurance provider should be able to give the actual cash value for antique or classic cars. This figure will be put to use when you get in an accident that leaves the car with serious damages or get totaled.

Also, having this number at the back of your head helps you understand what you are paying for in the premiums.

As a policyholder, it’s in your best interest to find out whether the auto insurance provider has addressed certain issues in the policy.

For instance, the losses arising from lost income during the repair process of a wedding car that was involved in a car accident. If you offer your wedding vehicles for hire/rent on a regular basis, having coverage for such losses is of great importance to you.

If you find that the auto insurer currently providing coverage for you lacks in some crucial departments, consider switching.

Auto Insurance Quotes for Any Wedding Vehicle


Depending on the number of guests and how much money they are willing to spend on the wedding cars, you have a lot of options. Some couples want to hire/rent a large vehicle to transport a large number of guests.

For such a couple, a hummer or a bus limousine would suffice. Others just want a vehicle to move the bride, her family, and a few friends to the wedding venue and just a standard limousine would be enough for them.

Make sure that you have the right type of coverage for each car before you rent it out for an event. One of the few areas where wedding car insurance is similar to regular car insurance is shopping for coverage.

Comparing quotes from a lot of providers helps secure the right type of coverage and cost-effectively. Enter your zip code below to get started.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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