What car insurance companies offer high risk car insurance?

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In a nutshell...
  • High-risk drivers come in all shapes and sizes
  • High-risk drivers pay more for auto insurance than typical good drivers
  • Drivers found guilty of DUI will need SR-22 certification before they can drive again

Drivers who fall into the high-risk category can often feel like they only have a couple car insurance companies to choose from however this is not always the case. There are many car insurance companies who offer high-risk auto insurance, even some of the well-known market leaders.

While it is true that high-risk drivers pay more for auto insurance than typical good drivers there are still plenty of insurers to choose from.

Companies like Progressive, the General Auto Insurance and the CURE car insurance company all provide auto insurance coverage options for high-risk drivers.

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Who is a high-risk driver?

High-risk drivers come in all shapes and sizes. Young drivers, drivers with a poor driving record, experienced drivers with a long lapse in coverage, people with bad credit and more.

Anybody without a perfectly clean driving record, years of experience and continuous car insurance coverage is classified as higher risk.

However, there are some groups of high-risk drivers who are just too high of a risk for some car insurance companies. This higher risk group can have trouble finding a car insurance company to even offer them coverage.

Drivers with a DUI, reckless driving charges or SR-22 requirement certainly have more limited choices than the general population of good drivers.

Having a high-risk classification by itself doesn’t mean you cannot obtain auto insurance, it just means you have to shop around a little harder to find the best rates.

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Where can I find a list of car insurance companies who offer high-risk insurance?

Car insurance companies who offer high-risk insurance can be quickly found by Googling terms like “high-risk auto insurance” or “auto insurance after a DUI” but many times the first page of results are limited to only a few companies.

If you know you are a high risk, then contact your State Department of Insurance for a list of the licensed car insurance companies.

Sometimes starting off with this list is far easier than googling believe it or not.

Of course, you want to leverage the power of the internet to research company reviews and compare car insurance quotes but contacting the state to get a list of providers is often a quick way to find out who offers car insurance in your area.

Many states even have this information published online.

How do I know if I am a high-risk driver?

This is actually a very important question as some drivers skip the most affordable car insurance companies and go directly to high-risk insurers.

No matter what your situation is you really want to always try and obtain coverage from the best car insurance companies before accepting coverage from a high-risk insurer.

The formula for calculating risk changes often and even if you consider yourself high risk it doesn’t necessarily mean a car insurance company does. After all, what is the worst they can so … no?

What if I keep getting denied coverage in the voluntary market?

Auto insurance companies have no obligation to provide coverage however since car insurance is mandatory drivers can apply to state programs for assistance.

Some of these programs offer car insurance direct to high-risk drivers while others force car insurance companies to insure you.

You probably won’t have your choice of car insurance companies if the state gets involved but the odds are one of the big carriers who denied you coverage 30 days will end up as your insurer.

How much is high-risk car insurance per month?

This really depends on what car insurance company is quoting the coverage and the details of your risk classification. Are you a higher risk due to a couple speeding tickets or do you have a history of reckless driving?

Both of these certainly qualify for higher car insurance rates but one is understandable and often penalized with only a small increase in rates, while the other is grounds for denial of coverage.

High-risk drivers should expect to pay more. How much more will just depend on many factors so you need to shop around and compare car insurance more than ever before.

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