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Top 10 Most Modified Cars

Modified cars are a unique part of our society where people buy a vehicle and spend thousands of dollars modifying the vehicle. Everything from the engine to the exhaust, modified cars have become an art form in some circles.

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Auto insurance for modified cars however is treated very differently by car insurance companies and its imperative you understand how modified car insurance works. Anyone who modifies a vehicle must either (a) purchase modified car insurance or (b) confirm that the modifications do not alter the terms of your car insurance coverage.

“It’s common for people to modify a car then be denied a claim in a car accident since the car is not the same vehicle the car insurance company decided to insure. Any modification should only be done after speaking with a car insurance company”

Almost every car has been modified at one point but no matter where you go there are some makes and models much more popular than others. The top 10 modified cars in the world are:

Honda Civic

Some drivers would say the Honda Civic was created to be a modified car due to its low weight, dual wishbone suspension and the ability to run the car by outfitting almost any Honda engine under the hood. No matter where you go a tricked out Honda Civic is somewhere close.

How much is car insurance for a typical Honda Civic?

The Honda civic is one of the most affordable vehicles to insure with the top end CIVIC SI edition running around $125 per month for full coverage insurance. Of course, once you had 44 inch wheels and a V12 engine you will need some custom car insurance.

Don’t blow your entire trust fund on the rims, save a few dollars for higher car insurance rates.

Toyota Supra

Modified cars are huge in Japan and the Toyota Supra is a car which screams race car. Discontinued in the 1998 (USA) and 2002 (Japan) the Toyota Supra is still in high demand worldwide due to the performance of this vehicle. Well known for its racing abilities many owners trick this Toyota out with custom intakes, nitrous and more before attending auditions for the Fast and Furious.

Auto insurance for a Toyota Supra?

The Supra is an older model car and before you trick it out like Mario Andretti’s cousin auto insurance should run around $100 a month. Put your racing helmet on and there is only thing for sure … it will go up.

Dodge Charger

There are rumors that the Dodge Charger secretly comes with a tattoo which reads “buy big rims and light up my floor” but thankfully not everyone is so hip they need to spend $10,000 on rims which spin the wrong way. The Dodge Charger is cool and has seen many modified versions over the years including the famous General Lee in the Dukes of Hazard and our beloved State Troopers who patrol the highways rolling dice over who they will pull over today.

A new Dodge Charger is going to cost around $150 a month in auto insurance for most drivers however since you are rolling with the big dogs now that shouldn’t worry you.

Ford Mustang

The Ford mustang is one of America’s muscle cars and is a favorite with modified car owners nationwide. Even with a V8 engine you can never have enough power under this hood and many owners have poured more money into customized Ford Mustangs then the base price of the car.

Car insurance for a Ford Mustang before a modification – around $140 a month. For young drivers and modified vehicles?

Consider attending college before you are obligated to pay the premiums.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda Miata is a modified car owner’s best friend. Custom kits are available anywhere to modify this little roadster into a monster automobile. Some drives even go crazy and add a 5.0L V8 from the Ford Mustang under the Miata’s hood. At some point you need to understand the difference between having a roadster and a bat mobile and sometimes modified Mazda Miata’s can fall in both categories.

Relatively cheap to insure at about $100 a month before modifications. Auto insurance after a modification?

Who knows but its probably a lot more than you expect however its nothing compared to the credit card interest you pay every month on the $20,000 engine for the $15,000 car.

BMW 3-series

Outside of America on the other side of the pond the BMW 3 series is the most popular performance vehicle and owners have access to aftermarket parts and support on the same scale Americans do for Ford Mustangs. Even though the M series is a very expensive model to begin with there is something sexy about making one of these go even faster.

Average car insurance cost for a BMW 3 series – $140 to $190 a month depending on what version you want to buy and beef up. All modifications cost extra.

If you need chrome and gold … marry a sheik.

The Nissan Skyline GTR, Mitsubishi Evo, Citroen Saxo and Fiat Punto are also all on the list of the world’s most modified cars. Car modification is a big business and not just a man’s world either. Many women modify their cars and understand how to talk shop, drive cars and handle tools better than many men.

Need car insurance for a modified car? Don’t risk losing your modified car from a personal lawsuit. Contact car insurance companies today and learn about car insurance for modified cars.

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