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In a nutshell...
  • Insurance companies use addresses to calculate insurance rates
  • Using an incorrect address is a form of insurance fraud
  • If you notice someone using your address and they don’t live with you, it’s important to report them to the insurance company

The only person who should be using your address for car insurance is you. It’s important to understand how insurance is calculated and why someone would potentially use your address.

You need to know how to handle a situation so you don’t end up getting in trouble for someone else’s poor decision.

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How Insurance is Calculated

Once you understand the factors used by insurance companies to calculate the cost of premiums, you will see why someone might use your own address instead of their own.

Every insurance company calculates premiums in a slightly different way. One company may put more emphasis on one factor over another.

This variance is why it’s so important to get quotes from multiple insurance companies. Otherwise, you could be spending considerably more on monthly premiums than what you would like.

Insurance companies will look at:

Your goal is to make sure that all of this information is supplied to the insurance company accurately.

Any falsifications could void your insurance policy or result in criminal charges for insurance fraud. Not all insurance companies will request proof of everything.

They will go by the information on your driver’s license as well as how you answer specific questions online or over the phone.

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Why Someone Would Use Your Address

There are plenty of reasons as to why someone might use your address for buying car insurance. If someone lives in an area where it is more expensive for them, they might choose a random address in a suburb where insurance is cheaper.

By using this address, the insurance company calculates their premium at a more affordable rate. This calculation could save someone a significant amount of money throughout the year.

Your address might also have a garage which provides protection for a vehicle. Having a garage is tied to being able to save money, which is a strong incentive for many people to use someone else’s address.

With the age of the internet, people feel as though they can use a false address and get away with it because all the billing and communication are done online.

A person would never have to receive mail to the physical address and could fly under the radar potentially forever.

What to Do if You Suspect Someone Using Your Address


There might be all sorts of ways to notice someone using your address for car insurance. The first might be that you get some kind of communication from an insurance company with a name that isn’t yours.

Even though many insurance companies send emails and use online portals, regular mail will be used from time to time.

Mailed communication might cover such things as:

  • Changes to a policy
  • Renewal notices
  • Details regarding a claim that was filed

If you receive any kind of mail from an insurance company that lists another person’s name, it is important for you to report it.

Insurance companies don’t learn about insurance fraud on their own in many instances. They depend on citizens to report it.

You can choose to call the insurance company or a specific agency in your state that deals with insurance fraud. Depending on what proof you have, it might be something that is very easy for them to clear up.

In some instances, you might have to show proof that you live at the address. Particularly if another person is using your address with the same insurance company you want to get a policy from, the insurance company might not believe you.

They might only allow one name per address and therefore you will have to show a bill with your name and address on it or send a copy of your driver’s license with your current address.

It’s easy to see why someone might use your address for car insurance. However, you need to know how to see the signs that it is being done.

More importantly, you need to report it so that it doesn’t have the potential to affect you and your ability to get a good insurance policy.

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