Is it safe to buy my car insurance online?

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In a nutshell...
  • Buying car insurance online is perfectly safe
  • Premiums may be lower when you buy online versus at a physical location
  • More car insurance carriers than ever are selling policies online

When you think about car insurance, one of the thoughts that should come to mind is a feeling of comfort and safety.

If you are involved in a car accident, the comfort comes from knowing that you will be reimbursed for the losses that you have suffered.

Is it indeed safe to purchase a product/service as outstanding as car insurance over the Internet without ever actually speaking with the company on the phone or in-person?

We will elaborate more below, but the simple answer as to the safety of buying online is that, yes, purchase car insurance online is perfectly safe and appropriate.

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The Push to the Internet


Car insurance carriers are not selling their policy offerings to the Internet because they do not want to talk to consumers.

Instead, they are doing it to offer more value. Car insurance carriers want to reduce the amount of overhead that they have.

This drives down their expense ratio and allows them to lower their premium dollars being charged while remaining profitable.

The push to the Internet for a car insurance carrier means that they will be able to allow you to buy a car insurance policy and become a customer without an employee having to do much of anything on their part.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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Buying Car Insurance Online is Safe

The fact of the matter is that buying car insurance online is perfectly safe.

If anything, it may even prove to be safer than meeting with someone in-person and buying the policy on the spot there at a physical Insurance location.

When you are buying online, the computer logic is doing all of the work for you.

Your premium is calculated as you enter your information which includes the following:

The reason why it may be safer to buy online rather than even in person is that, usually, computers make fewer mistakes than humans do.

When an insurance underwriter is physically typing up your policy based on what you have written down on a paper application, the risk of user error is going to be more prevalent than the computer doing it automatically for you online.

Car Insurance on Your Terms


Car insurance policies should be something that is purchased on your terms, and when you buy online, that is what happens.

You are going to get a beautiful visual display of all of the coverage options that you have available to you, what type of discounts that are going to apply, and so on.

If you want to do research at midnight, you can do that online and buy a car insurance policy on the spot.

Be sure to compare all of the rates that are being offered, and make the best purchasing decision for you and your family’s car insurance.

Consumers should feel comfortable about buying a car insurance policy online and should take advantage of the offerings that are being made available to them.

With an online presence, an insurer can be compared to a slate of others in just a few minutes time. Use the tools that are available online to find the most value from the coverage offerings and premiums you are being asked to pay in exchange for them.

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Car insurance should provide you with a sense of safety and comfort, whether you buy it online or in-person at a physical location.

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