Does auto insurance cover tire slashing?

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In a nutshell...
  • Having your tires slashes can be just one of the many ways your car is vandalized; this often creates the need for vehicle repairs
  • Your auto insurance can help you recover from these types of losses, as long as you’ve purchased the right coverage
  • Slashed tires fall under comprehensive coverage, which helps protect you from losses that are not caused by a collision

When your tires have been slashed, you often need to get this damage repaired quickly so you can resume your normal, day-to-day life.

It’s important to remember that your auto insurance may help you recover from this loss by paying for new tires as well as repairing any damage that occurs from the slashed tires.

However, there are conditions that may apply, and it’s essential to speak with your provider about how coverage applies. Enter your zip code above to compare car insurance quotes.

Your Car and Slashed Tire Damages


Slashed tires are just one type of damage that you can experience without enough warning or time to prepare; tire slashing can be a prank performed by unruly teenagers or an act of revenge from an upset neighbor.

Regardless of the reason behind the tire slashing, your car insurance can help you recover from the loss.

Protecting your car from the losses that slashed tires can bring means purchasing the correct coverage before you experience a loss; carrying auto insurance is an investment in protecting yourself from unforeseen losses at all times.

It’s also important to inspect your tires before getting behind the wheel, checking for the following:

  • Cuts
  • Slashes
  • Breaks
  • Other issues

Carrying comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy helps you recover from more than just tire slashing, but it’s important to purchase this optional coverage since states do not require this coverage.

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Comprehensive Coverage on Your Auto Insurance

Comprehensive coverage is an option that you can purchase through your insurance provider since this coverage is not required to meet your state minimum levels of coverage.

Unlike liability coverage, comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from damages that occur outside of collisions.

Comprehensive coverage can help you recover from this damage by helping you replace your slashed tires as well as repairing or replacing any mechanical parts of your car.

Many insurance providers consider tire slashing an act of vandalism, so coverage applications may be different. Speak to your provider to understand how coverage would apply in this situation so that you can be prepared.

Important Things to Remember About Slashed Tires


While your insurance policy is designed to protect you from losses that are unexpected and unforeseen, there are things to remember before choosing to file a claim.

One of the first things to consider is your insurance deductible, which is an amount of any covered loss you are required to cover. Any claim you file should be above this deductible amount, since claims below this value may not be covered by your insurance provider.

The deductible applies to comprehensive claims regardless of fault, which means that you will be required to absorb this portion of the loss even if you were not responsible for the damage.

You need to assess the potential value of the loss before filing your claim, so you do not attempt to file a claim for a loss that won’t be covered.

You may want to take steps to reduce further loss, such as getting your car off the pavement to reduce mechanical damage.

Make sure to speak to your insurance provider about your options and what steps you need to take to get started on your claim.

It’s important to remember that your coverage needs to be in place before the loss occurs since many insurance providers often decline claims if there is no coverage in place. You cannot apply for the coverage retroactively.

If you have questions about how your coverage works, make sure to speak with your insurance provider before a loss occurs. Enter your zip code below to compare today!

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