Does my car insurance cover riot damage?

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In a nutshell...
  • Rioting can occur at unexpected times and leave your vehicle damaged in different ways; this can happen even if you try to plan proactively
  • Although the damages may not be your fault, it can be difficult to assign fault to any damage caused by a riot
  • However, your car insurance can help you recover from riot-related losses as long as you carry the proper coverage
  • You need to have coverage in place before the rioting occurs; some providers may not allow you to purchase coverage when active riots are in your area

When rioting occurs in your location, you may experience damage to your car that you cannot plan for or prevent.

It’s crucial that you plan for the unexpected by carrying car insurance that protects against riot-related losses. Purchasing comprehensive coverage from an insurance provider can help you recover easily from these losses.

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Protecting Your Car from Riot Damage


Riots can be a destructive and unpredictable occurrence, and this can lead to damage to your car without any chance to prepare. Sometimes even peaceful gatherings or protests can turn riotous and destructive with little notice.

The random nature of rioting means that assigning fault for any riot-related losses is difficult, if not impossible; this unfortunate fact may leave you with the bill for any damages.

However, you can be proactive by purchasing car insurance that carries comprehensive coverage before rioting occurs.

Comprehensive coverage is an optional coverage choice that protects your car from physical damage losses; the fault is normally not a factor in these losses.

Riots can lead to any of the following damages:

  • Broken windows
  • Body damages
  • Fire damages

Comprehensive coverage can help with each of these damage categories.

When you’re looking for a policy with comprehensive coverage, be sure to consider quotes from multiple providers.

Three or four different quotes help provide a broader picture of your options. Different providers may charge different amounts for coverage, or you may qualify for better discounts with one provider compared to another.

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Policy Terms and Conditions Regarding Riot Damages

Before you file a claim, and hopefully before you experience a loss, you should understand what your policy specifies regarding your coverage.

With many comprehensive coverage losses, a deductible will apply before your claim is settled.

The deductible is part of any covered loss, depending on the coverage, that you are responsible for covering. Your insurance provider often deducts this amount from your claim settlement value.

When you start filing a claim, you should check if there are any steps required on your end when it comes to documenting the damages and preventing further loss.

When losses occur, your insurance provider may expect you to take reasonable and necessary steps to reduce further damage; failure to do so may be seen as irresponsible on your part.

When rioting occurs, make sure to take your safety into consideration.

While your insurance provider may want you to document your loss and mitigate further loss, they will not expect you to endanger your safety.

Once the rioting or civil unrest has subsided, you can then start documenting the damages using pictures and video. You may also want to get an estimate regarding the repair costs before filing your claim.

Knowing Your Policy


Riots happen due to different circumstances, often occurring when you least expect it. You can plan on purchasing car insurance and carrying the proper coverage for these losses.

Remember that when riots or civil unrest are active in your area, your insurance provider may place restrictions on purchasing coverage. This restriction reduces the number of individuals purchasing coverage for only those times when a loss is likely.

Make sure to speak with your provider about your policy and what types of losses you are covered for. A working knowledge of your policy can help you determine if you have enough coverage in place.

You can also learn more about what puts you at risk and what mitigating factors you can implement to reduce your chance of loss.

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