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Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Car insurance companies are everywhere. Switching to one company will save you $600 but switching to another will save you $500, some car insurance companies have better customer service while others are located on every street corner so how do you choose a car insurance company?

Compare Car Insurance Companies

No two car insurance companies are the same and the only way to find the best auto insurance company for you is to compare car insurance companies. Asking friends and relatives about which insurance provider to use certainly has its advantages but do you know whether or not any of them ever filed a claim? Did they choose a particular insurance company because a commercial made them laugh or the company simply had the cheapest car insurance quotes?

There are many differences between car insurance companies so you need to spend time comparing providers well ahead of the moment you need to purchase insurance. Cheap car insurance is certainly a goal for everybody but without the right type of coverage you could be left holding a substantial amount of bills in a car accident. This means finding the best combination of coverage, premiums and provider quality and the company you choose may be very different than your neighbor.

What type of car insurance company do you need?

This is the first question you should always ask. While most drivers require a typical provider some drivers have very specialized needs. If you fall into any of the following categories then you should probably focus on car insurance companies who offer specialized coverage.

  • Bad Credit
  • High Risk Driving Record
  • Collector Cars
  • Exotic Luxury Cars

One common mistake however is assuming that the preferred risk companies will not insure you because of a poor credit score. While your credit score plays a big part of your overall risk profile never assume the preferred providers will deny coverage. Always apply and see if you do qualify – you may be very surprised.

Drivers who need specialized insurance such as collector car insurance should research the many providers who offer custom policies for collector cars. Collector car insurance is much less than a typical auto insurance policy and usually provides a lot more coverage relative to your needs.

Also if you have other insurance needs its wise to contact car insurance companies who also offer additional insurance products to take advantage of multi-policy discounts. A lot of consumers save up to 20% or more simply by insuring multiple policies with the same company (such as homeowners and life insurance).

High risk drivers on the other hand with SR-22 form filing requirements and DUI convictions need to focus on car insurance companies who offer the SR-22 form filing service or specialize in high risk insurance.

Even low income families have an option for car insurance. Many states have low cost auto insurance plans to assist low income families so never risk driving with no insurance but contact your state Department of Insurance about what options are available if you can’t afford typical auto insurance.

How much is Car Insurance per month?

The cost of car insurance for most typical drivers averages around $100 to $200 a month but the difference in rates between providers can be substantial. Every auto insurance company has a different formula for risk and while you may have preferred status at one company another may even deny you coverage. Women drivers generally pay less and young drivers pay a lot more. See where we are going … Its hard to define how much car insurance is per month for every different profile but the range is often between $100-$200 per month for most good drivers.

Are all car insurance policies the same?

No. 100% No.

Car insurance coverage varies by provider and even then all providers have multiple types of insurance options. While most insurers offer similar coverage for liability, comprehensive and collision insurance there are a wide range of other policy options.

The strength of your car insurance coverage lies with both (a) the provider and (b) the details of your policy. Choosing an auto insurance company is one thing but you always have to understand what your policy covers. Insurance company A may offer you $50 in lower premiums per month but company B may provide you with an additional $100,000 in coverage. This is why understanding the details of auto insurance are crucial well before purchasing any kind of coverage.

Car insurance comparison is only as good as your search. Comparing companies based solely on rates will hardly ever get you the best auto insurance coverage but if you know how car insurance works and take time to compare all your options equally then there is no better way to find the best auto insurance rates online. Get started today with some of our most popular links below:

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save