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  • Sentry Car Insurance began in Wisconsin in 1904
  • Liberty Mutual opened its doors in 1912, putting it on the list of the oldest insurers in the nation
  • Allstate is well known for their television commercials and their slogan “Are You in Good Hands?”

There is no shortage of car insurance companies to choose from, and most good drivers have over 100 car insurance companies to choose from. However, deciding which car insurance company to choose can often be challenging.

While many of the national brand names are easily recognizable how do they measure on customer service and claims handling?

You need to find a provider who understands your auto insurance needs, provides quality customer service and has the resources to be there in the event of any claim.

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Car Insurance Company Reviews

Below are independent reviews of many of America’s well-known car insurance companies along with car insurance reviews of smaller local and regional providers.

Any driver searching for car insurance should always compare the quality of the provider issuing the coverage in addition to the amount of coverage and premiums offered.

While we can’t advise what company to use we can help provide a little more background to help with your search.

You should also note that experiences with car insurance companies often vary for many reasons and ultimately the only person who can choose an insurer for your unique profile is you – so always shop around and try to compare at least handful of providers.

— Allstate Car Insurance

Allstate is well known for their television commercials and their slogan “Are You in Good Hands?”

The company offers a wide variety of insurance products, and as the second-largest insurer in the nation, has the financial strength to pay out claims without fail.

The company also provides financial support to many organizations for community events and charitable causes.

— State Farm Car Insurance

State Farm Insurance is the largest car insurance company in America with almost a 19 percent market share of all auto insurance policies and the financial strength that comes with more than 75 million customers.

State Farm offers many types of insurance coverage to suit its customers’ needs, from auto and homeowners’ to life insurance and is considered one of the most trusted names for car insurance coverage in the world.

— Geico Car Insurance

Geico is well known for many reasons – quality auto insurance being one of them, but Geico is also known for its ad campaigns featuring the Geico gecko, and the Cavemen.

The well-known investor Warren Buffet recognized the strength of Geico’s operations and acquired the company in 1996.

— 21st Century Insurance

21st Century’s Auto Insurance Company functions as a Farmers Insurance subsidiary. Farmers earned 21st Century in 2009, which helped it become one of the top three personal insurance providers in the nation.

21st Century was founded at the beginning of the great depression in California in 1928, and the company has remained strong for more than 82 years by providing its customers with exceptional value and excellent service.

— Liberty Mutual Car Insurance

Liberty Mutual opened its doors in 1912, putting it on the list of the oldest insurers in the nation.

The company has many branches that offer a long list of insurance and investment products. It is also one of the world’s largest insurers, with a spot on the Forbes list of Fortune 500 companies.

— AAA Car Insurance

The American Automobile Association, or AAA, provides quality, affordable insurance coverage in addition to its well-known roadside assistance service.

The AAA is structured into groups that serve specific geographic areas of the country or state.

Initially founded by car enthusiasts in 1902, The AAA organization is dedicated to providing affordable insurance to motorists in addition to its many other services and offerings.

— Progressive Insurance

The Progressive Insurance Company began offering insurance in 1937.

It is well known for its television commercials featuring Flo, the car insurance saleswoman. Progressive was the first company to offer a drive-in service for its customers to file claims.

— Hagerty Car Insurance

Hagerty Car Insurance provides coverage for owners of classic and collector automobiles.

The boutique insurance company appeals to many hobbyists and caters to their special insurance needs with flexible insurance coverage options, written by people who understand collector cars.

— ACE Car Insurance

The ACE Insurance company is starting selling insurance in 1982, helping customers in the Metro-Atlanta area find auto insurance that met their varied needs.

ACE sells insurance coverage through agents located in various communities, working face-to-face with customers, and helping them find the best discounts on their auto insurance.

ACE is a subsidiary of The ACE Insurance Group, an international company offering several different types of insurance for commercial and personal needs.

— AIG Car Insurance

AIG International Group, Inc. was founded in 1919, and successfully served customers for many years, which helped it grow to become the 18th-largest publicly-held company in the entire world.

IG saw some tough times in 2008, which caused them to consolidate their auto insurance business with one of their previously-purchased subsidiaries, 21st Century Insurance, and sell the combined company to Farmers Insurance.

— AIS Insurance Group

The Auto Insurance Specialists, better known as AIS, has provided insurance to California residents for over 40 years.

The company specializes in helping drivers with a blemished driving history find insurance that protects them and remains affordable.

AIS has expanded over the years to include other types of insurance for its customers, including motorcycles, classic cars, recreational vehicles, and watercraft, along with many different types of coverage.

— Allianz Car Insurance Company

Allianz provides auto insurance and other products to many customers all over the world. Founded in Germany in 1890, the parent company manages one of the most extensive collections of assets in the world.

Although the company is not as well known yet in the United States, they provide high-quality insurance products to many satisfied customers in 11 states.

Allianz auto insurance is sold under Fireman’s Fund-branded products in the U.S. Allianz auto insurance is not available online, but the high-quality coverage is more than worth the effort to seek out an agent to purchase it.

— Allied Car Insurance

Allied Auto Insurance is sold through 4,000 independent agents in 33 states. The company began selling insurance in 1929, and currently has headquarters in Iowa.

Allied offers benefits with its insurance policies, including a decreasing deductible and accident forgiveness. The company also has two levels of roadside assistance and bonus services to make things more comfortable during a claim.

— American Family Car Insurance

Herman Wittwer, an insurance salesman in Wisconsin, founded American Family Car Insurance, also known as AMFAM, in 1927.

The company provided insurance coverage to farmers in the area and multiplied to cover a broader geographic area, and in 1963 started selling insurance under its new company name, American Family Mutual Insurance.

Today, the company is one of the nation’s largest auto insurers.

— Amica Car Insurance

Amica has been insuring autos and keeping customers happy for more than 100 years.

The company was the first mutual-type insurance company in the United States. Amica has been presented with a large number of awards and honors in its time for providing quality products and top notch customer service.

JD Power ranks Amica as the number one auto insurance company in the nation.

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— Atlantic Mutual Car Insurance

The ACE Insurance group recently acquired Atlantic Mutual Car Insurance’s business and has expanded and re-branded the insurance program under ACE’s Platinum Portfolio product, which provides auto, homeowners and umbrella coverage all in one package.

— Auto-Owners Car Insurance

This company has its headquarters in Michigan, providing insurance products to customers in 26 different states.

The company was started in 1916 and has won several awards for its claims service, including JD Power’s award twice for achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction for their car insurance claims assistance.

— Balboa Car Insurance

The Balboa Insurance Group, a subsidiary of Bank of America, has been providing insurance and other products for over 60 years, including loss mitigation and risk management solutions for mortgage organizations and car finance companies.

The company has a financial strength rating of “A” (excellent) by A.M. Best.

— Chubb Car Insurance

Chubb Car Insurance is a subsidiary of a parent company that ranks at number 11 on the list of most significant providers of property/casualty insurance coverage in the nation.

Chubb has also been listed as a member of the nation’s 400 best large companies by Forbes.

The company caters to some of the wealthiest clients in the nation and is known for insuring expensive vehicles and providing excellent customer service.

— Comparison Market Car Insurance

The Comparison Market Car Insurance company provides customers with an online tool to obtain several quotes from various insurers and compare them against each other.

The company also offers information and insurance news on its website.

— Country Financial Car Insurance

Beginning in 1929, Country Financial has offered auto insurance along with a wide variety of other insurance products to consumers for many years, in over 40 states.

The company does not provide online quotes, but agents can help consumers assess their insurance needs and obtain quotes for the highest quality coverage for the lowest cost.

— CURE Car Insurance Company

CURE Car Insurance is a non-profit provider of auto insurance for any individual needing coverage that fits their lifestyle and budget needs. The company also offers flexible insurance plans with rates based on a 12-month program.

The company prides itself on giving unbiased quotes, where many other insurers consider credit history or years of driving experience. The CURE Car Insurance Company wants to make low-cost insurance available to everyone.

— Deerbrook Car Insurance

The Deerbrook Car Insurance company is licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states, and while it maintains a company website presence, consumers must locate an agent and work with them in person to assess the customer’s needs.

This helps the company tailor each insurance policy explicitly to the consumer and his unique situation, which prevents charges for additional coverage and adds in the most necessary features.

— Direct General Car Insurance

Direct General is based in Nashville, Tennessee, with agents serving customers in 13 different states.

The company offers auto and motorcycle insurance, with a specialty in coverage for high-risk drivers, including individuals with poor credit, points on their record or no checking account.

— Eastwood Car Insurance

Eastwood Insurance specializes in helping consumers who have received a DUI or DWI conviction, providing immediate SR-22 certificate filings and small down payments on new insurance policies.

They also provide competitive rates on insurance for drivers with too many tickets or accidents.

— Electric Car Insurance

General Electric established an insurance company for its employees in 1966, called the Electric Car Insurance Company. Currently, the company offers several different types of insurance coverage including homeowners and umbrella insurance.

The company now offers insurance to all consumers, including those with no connection to General Motors.

— EMC Car Insurance

EMC Car Insurance provides auto insurance to customers in every state in the nation.

The company began offering insurance in 1911, and after many years of successful service to its customers, ranks among the nation’s top 60 insurance companies.

The company offers a full-service website with claims and policy information available to customers 24 hours a day.

— Encompass Car Insurance

Encompass Car Insurance may not be a household name, but the company provides insurance coverage to more than a million satisfied customers each year through 3,200 agents across the nation.

The company provides exceptional benefits to its clients like one-year locked-in insurance rates, along with enhanced features in its accident forgiveness program.

— Erie Car Insurance

Erie Car Insurance is a subsidiary of The Erie Insurance Company, founded by H.O. Hirt in 1925. The parent company is publicly traded. Erie Car Insurance currently writes policies in 11 different states.

With over 30 different policy extras and unique features, Erie Car Insurance strives to offer the absolute best protection packages at the lowest cost.

— Esurance Car Insurance

Esurance, which opened its doors in 1999, offers auto insurance through its website to customers in 30 states. The company takes great care to operate in a “green” manner, with a completely paperless operation.

With a well-developed website offering every type of service from quotes, rate comparisons, and policy maintenance to claims filing and monitoring, Esurance makes auto insurance incredibly easy.

— Farm Bureau Car Insurance

Farm Bureau Car Insurance started offering insurance over 70 years ago to farmers in Iowa.

As the population grew and Farm Bureau provided more insurance products, the company raised as well and now has 4,000 agents giving insurance coverage to many happy customers.

— Farmers Car Insurance

This insurance company may be one of, if not the most common auto insurance companies in the nation along with other giants such as Geico, Traveler’s Insurance Group, and Allstate.

Farmers Insurance offers auto insurance along with a wide variety of other insurance and investment products to customers nationwide.

— Franklin Car Insurance

The Franklin Car Insurance company had a relatively short track record compared to some insurers and been successful in offering customers tailor-made policies to fit their unique needs and situation.

The company started offering insurance in 1997 and focuses on clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

— GMAC Car Insurance

The General Motors Acceptance Corporation or GMAC, insurance arm offers auto insurance, along with a broad variety of other insurance and investment products for consumers.

— Hanover Car Insurance

Hanover Car Insurance’s origins date back to 1852. It is one of the oldest companies in the U.S. that continues to operate in the same industry as it did in the beginning.

The company has evolved to meet the needs of its customers, adding many new products along the way.

The company is in the top 40 group of property and casualty insurers in the nation.

— Hastings Mutual Car Insurance

Hastings Mutual Car Insurance company is on the list of the oldest insurance providers in the nation, with its first customers purchasing insurance in 1885.

The company is still going strong today and insures customers in six states across the Mid-Western U.S.

— Infinity Car Insurance Company

The Infinity Car Insurance Company provides multiple types of automotive coverage to its clients and is licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states.

The company insures regular, daily driver automobiles as well as classic and collector cars.

— Kemper Car Insurance

Kemper Car Insurance, a subsidiary of Unitrin Insurance, offers insurance for homes and automobiles to customers nationwide. Kemper currently services 750,000 happy customers across the U.S.

— Kentucky Farm Bureau Car Insurance

Kentucky Farm Bureau offers car insurance to customers in the state of Kentucky.

It has been in business for over 60 years, and while the company offers other products, it is best known for its auto insurance coverage and service.

— Mercer Insurance Group

In 1844, the Mercer Insurance Group began offering insurance to consumers and has continued to do so with the help of more than 550 agents working in several states.

The company sells coverage in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Pennsylvania.

— Mercury Car Insurance

Mercury Insurance started offering auto insurance in 1962, and has grown to provide a large variety of insurance and related products to its customers, and takes the lead in the amount of insurance coverage sold to Californians.

The company provides affordable coverage to both excellent drivers and those with a few marks on their driving history.

— MetLife Car Insurance

Many people recognize this company because of its beloved mascot, the cartoon character Snoopy. MetLife is well known for the high-quality life insurance and other financial products it offers customers, and customers rank its auto insurance with 3 out of 5 stars, according to JD Power’s 2009 survey of auto insurance companies.

— National Motor Club Car Insurance

The National Motor Club is an organization similar to the American Automobile Association.

The organization provides roadside assistance, travel planning, and other services, in addition to discounted auto insurance.

— Nationwide Car Insurance

Nationwide Car Insurance has been selling insurance products for more than 80 years, Their advertising slogan “Nationwide is On Your Side” is recognized by many.

The company provides homeowners and life insurance in addition to auto insurance. The company has solid financial strength, with assets of $135 billion.

— Newport Car Insurance

Newport Car Insurance functions as part of the Balboa Insurance Group. In 2008, Bank of America acquired both entities.

Newport Insurance offers many products to consumers and provides the type of high-quality customer service one typically finds at a small company.

— PEMCO Car Insurance

The Public Employees Mutual Casualty Company, or PEMCO, has been doing business for more than 60 years. The company provides many types of insurance, serving customers who reside in Washington state.

— Praetorian Insurance Company

The Praetorian Insurance Company functions as a subsidiary of QBE Insurance.

It focuses on highly specialized types of auto insurance coverage to meet the needs of particular niches for car owners.

— QBE Car Insurance

The QBE Insurance Company was founded in Australia in 1886 and has recently entered the U.S. market.

The company is quickly gaining across the nation, providing coverage to consumers in every state.

— Safeco Car Insurance

Safeco Car Insurance Company, with the help of the Liberty Mutual Group’s strong foundation, offers a wide selection of insurance products to meet the needs of both personal and commercial insurance buyers.

— Sentry Car Insurance

Sentry Car Insurance began in Wisconsin in 1904.

The company was created when a group of members from Wisconsin’s Association for Retail Hardware got together and started a business to offer insurance to others in their town.

Today, the company provides coverage to over 1 million policyholders across the U.S.

— The General Car Insurance

The General Car Insurance promotes itself through military-style car insurance ads on television and specializes in providing insurance coverage to drivers who may have less-than-optimal driving records, with a DUI, DWI, accident or too many tickets on their album.

— The Hartford Car Insurance

The Hartford Car Insurance Company is a piece of American history, with operations beginning back in 1810. The Hartford is the oldest auto insurer in the country and has grown to become one of the biggest.

One of their newest auto insurance features is a policy of not terminating a customer’s plan for any reason.

— Travelers Car Insurance

Travelers Car Insurance has one of the most recognizable logos, the red umbrella. The company has a broad portfolio of product offerings and serves millions of customers nationally and abroad.

— Unitrin Direct Car Insurance

Unitrin Direct has over 9 million policyholders across the nation and is part of the Unitrin family of companies. Unitrin has an “A- rating by A.M. Best Company and claims to save customers who switch about $574 per year on their insurance.

— USAA Car Insurance

The United Services Automobile Association, or USAA, provides insurance coverage to military personnel. The company is owned by the Hartford Group and has extremely high ratings and low premiums.

— Western National Car Insurance

Western National has more than 100 years of history as a provider of fire insurance for creameries and factories making cheese in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The company has continued to evolve and grow through the years, with a clientele that spans the Western and Mid-Western U.S.

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