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How can I add an Additional Driver to my Car Insurance Policy?

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When you purchase a car insurance policy it doesn’t mean it has to be fixed in stone. Many times, people will begin an auto insurance policy with the driver and one or two other family members on the same plan. If you are thinking about adding someone on your car insurance policy, it’s a relatively easy process that takes just a couple of minutes to do. There are some important things to know about car insurance companies. First, a policy can often by more expensive when a single driver is on the policy as opposed to multiple drivers. If you want to cut down on your premium or add more value to the price you currently pay, start by asking questions. How much would it be to add another driver to your policy? Does it go up by $100 or just $20? Before adding an additional driver to your current policy, check with your company and find out how much it will cost you. Then you can budget accordingly.

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Determining Factors for Additional Drivers

Asking the right questions is key to any successful change on your current insurance policy. Depending on the car insurance company you are with, any change to your policy made within 30-90 days is acceptable. Some car insurance companies only accept changes to your policy during renewal time or with a somewhat hefty fee, so this is something to take into account. To be sure, take all of your questions to an auto insurance agent you can trust and get the answers you need. The most important factor for any insurance company is the amount of risk that your additional driver poses. Is it a young and inexperienced driver or your boyfriend/girlfriend with a clean driving record? As you prepare to add another driver to your plan, these questions will be asked by your insurance agent along with their personal information such as their date of birth, social security number and how long they have been covered. It’s important to remember that an additional driver’s driving record is always the most important factor for an insurance company so depending on that, will determine roughly how expensive adding them as an additional driver will be.

Every Car Insurance Company Differs

The cost of adding an additional driver to your policy will vary. Not only will it depend on the risk your additional driver poses but how expensive the fees are for adding someone, since the rates at each insurance company are each a little different. If you want to add on a driver temporarily to your policy, this is often an easier process and usually requires only a phone call or email. It can take as few as several minutes depending on the amount of questions and concerns you may have. For a permanent change to your policy, take the time to research the possible penalty costs and/or waiting periods.

Most car insurance companies want to make the most of your situation and theirs. As long as the driver you are adding doesn’t pose a risk to other drivers, then there shouldn’t be a problem adding them immediately or during your time of renewal. If their price for an additional driver seems too steep, consider shopping around and compare all your options. For example, if you switch to a new car insurance company, some out there will offer a reduced rate for signing up two or more drivers on your plan, as opposed to your current insurance company charging you a heftier fee for adding one additional driver at your renewal time.  Everyone knows that car insurance isn’t cheap but by being a safe and patient driver, you may find a much better deal than you can imagine! Whether adding on your teenage son or combining all of your family members to your policy, there are some easy ways to reduce the cost annually, such as taking a defensive driving course that offers discounts to its participants. Be patient, drive safely and always look into your options before adding on additional drivers. When you do, you can create the best possible price for you and your loved ones.

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