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In a nutshell...
  • Never compare car insurance strictly by the cost of premiums
  • Each company has their own customer service terms, claims handling process and set of available discounts
  • Your rates will vary from one company to the next so keep comparing until you find a car insurance company right for you

Buying car insurance can often seem like an easy decision to make. With the right type of car insurance, you can sleep well knowing that you are fully insured in a car accident.

Whether that means damage to your vehicle, hospital bills for injured parties in another vehicle or the cost of Billy’s new skateboard which was crushed by your tires.

With the wrong type of policy, however, you could be stuck with enormous personal liability and the amount of “insured items” you are actually covered for is equivalent or close to the cost of a floor mat.

There are vast differences between the types of car insurance and the quality of car insurance companies so you need to compare car insurance from many providers.

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Not all Companies are Equal

Many car insurance companies offer the same types of coverage but never assume they are equal.

Some have insurance only for good drivers while others understand the complexity of driving and provide single accident waivers for people without taking away their discount.

People with specialized needs such as high-risk insurance may be loved by one company while hated at another. Drivers who have collectible cars may get the coverage they need from one provider but get the coverage they want from another.

There are over 200 licensed car insurance companies nationwide and you probably have access to 100 or more of these providers.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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Not all Policies are the same

Many drivers every day realize they are uninsured or underinsured for some events and the #1 reason for this is that they never spent time reading their policy coverage or understanding how car insurance works.

Cheap car insurance quotes are great but many times you are also compromising the quality of the policy coverage, so learn what you are purchasing well ahead of the moment you need to file a claim.

Car Insurance Rates are Not all the Same

Just because your car dealership can get you insurance for $125 a month or the local agent proclaims the best rate is $150 a month this does not mean these are the only rates available.

Car insurance rates are based on risk and every auto insurance company has a different formula for calculating such risk.

While some car insurance companies consider good drivers anyone with an exceptional 5-year driving record others require only 3 years and allow an accident or ticket or two.

It’s important however to compare policies that have equal coverage as many times lower quotes tend to have missing coverage or lower levels of coverage.

Anytime damages exceed your insurance policy limits there is a good chance you will be personally liable so always make sure the policy details quoted by Company A are the same as those from Company B.

Customer Service is about Claims Handling

Although most of your interaction with a car insurance company will be limited to small exchanges you should always try to read reviews on their claims handling division before choosing a provider.

Any car insurance company can collect payments, update your mailing address and offer policy coverage however you need a solid insurer who will be there no matter what type of claim you file.

If you know anybody who has been in a car accident before, ask them about the experience with their car insurance company and give more weight to these type of reviews then those who simply say the customer service rep had a friendly attitude.

Car insurance comparison is one of the most popular ways to find cheap car insurance quotes and affordable auto insurance coverage however just like buying a car you should take your time and make sure to compare apples to apples.

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FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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