How much is car insurance for military members?

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In a nutshell...
  • Discounted rates are not the only things car insurance companies offer to service members
  • Different companies will offer different amounts of savings and premiums also vary from one provider to another
  • While one company may offer 15 percent but have higher premiums, another may only extend a 10 percent discount but have lower rates

Auto insurance rates are based on the same factors for military personnel as it is for civilians although many car insurance companies now offer exclusive discounts to members of the military.

Some providers even have individual plans that fit the military lifestyle better which take into account the often deployment and transfers which go with being in the military.

Companies will still base premiums off the type of car they own, their age and experience, driving record, and even credit.

If the service member or their spouse has traffic violations on their record, they will still pay higher rates car insurance companies can refuse to write a policy for high-risk applicants.

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What kind of discounts do companies offer military members on car insurance?

Many car insurance companies recognize that while the cost of living has gone up in the United States, military pay and benefits have not and have begun to offer discounts to help make car insurance more affordable.

Some companies offer up to 15 percent of their premiums for military members. The discount often applies to anyone on active duty, in the National Guard, Reservists, and retired military.

For example, if you had a good driving record and as a civilian, you were quoted $373 for auto insurance you could expect to save up to 55 dollars every six months as a member of the military.

This would mean an annual premium of around $318 for car insurance resulting in savings of about $9 a month.

The only way to find the best car insurance rates for military members is to shop around and compare car insurance quotes.

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What are other types of car insurance benefits offered to the military?

Many companies have developed other services and benefits to help accommodate the military, and some states have even passed laws to help.

In the past, service members had to decide whether to cancel their insurance while deployed and faced the choice of paying for insurance on a car in storage or paying higher premiums when they returned to start a new policy, due to a lapse in coverage.

Twenty-five states have passed legislation that prevents car insurance companies from penalizing active duty returning from a deployment.

If your state does not have this type of legislation, many car insurance companies now offer non-driving insurance packages.

These packages cost a fraction of regular insurance and only cover things like theft, vandalism, and acts of God but having such coverage will prevent a penalty for having a lapse in coverage.

For married service members some companies will allow your spouse to deactivate your driving status while you are deployed. This means that you will stay on the policy but not used to factor premiums.

When you use a company with nationwide coverage, you can contact the company and change your address.

They will quote you the difference in your premiums, but there is often no policy change fee. Premiums, however, are partially based on your location.

What about car insurance for military stationed overseas?

Military service members are required to carry auto insurance regardless of what state or country you live in. If you are stationed overseas and have a vehicle, you must have insurance.

Most companies cannot offer this type of coverage. Also, remember that insurance may cost you more overseas. The first company is USAA. This company is specially designed for the military and their families.

They provide a variety of services and products, including auto insurance, for U.S. military stationed worldwide.

The second company is Geico. This company was initially started as an insurance company for government employees.

While they have expanded and offer coverage to everyone, they still provide worldwide auto insurance coverage for military personnel.

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